What we offer

Specialized in high technologies NTIC is an International company which offers a wide range of digital service to its clients. Depending on your needs it offers adapted solutions to enhance the company’s activity without any boundaries as our branches are distributed all around the world. We are a team of dynamic and talented young people willing to revolution the world with digital technology.

NTIC offers multiple services in 3 main areas:


We provide consulting on information technologies to help you carry out your projects and ideas to the most efficient way.

IT Development

We are oriented on open source software development and can offer adapted solutions for your business needs.


Our training courses can help webmasters or technology passionates gain valuable knowledge and go one step forward on their expertise level.


In our century of rapidly growing technologies companies can take great benefits saving time and money if they know how to use them efficiently. Our expert advisors can help you assess your IT needs and overcome difficulties implementing the most appropriate solution to achieve sustained growth.
Our consultants can help you to identify digital solutions for a wide range of businesses. Our services include :

* Intranet
We can help you set up private communication network. It simplifies communication process within the company members and share information more easily without public access.

* Websites
Development of websites according to your business needs.

* Platforms
We can provide help creating platforms for your business, whether its e-learning, job finding, selling, online booking or website and CV template creating.

IT Development

IT development is the process of creating websites, applications and software through the stages of designing, coding, testing and maintaining. It is oriented on open source software development rather than proprietary solutions (Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Photoshop), as this market is more expanding and it leaves a larger degree of latitude in the installation process than proprietary solutions. Our services include :

* Web development
Creating websites based on your business needs.

* Application development
Developing both desktop and mobile applications.

* Development of web portals
Web portals are often used within organizations and enterprises providing access control and can show user based information.


Information technologies always leaves room for learning and improvement as technologies change so fast. The trainings are designed for those who want to improve their skills or gain new knowledge in IT.
Our trainings are aimed at transferring knowledge and developing applicable skills for our learners. We provide online and on-site training sessions to both individuals and teams. With our online trainings you can save time and money accessing our courses from anywhere 24/7. Our services include :

* Programming languages
Currently we offer courses on Java, C#, and PHP.

* Database Development
Our trainings include teaching database administration and development. The experts will help you to learn about Microsoft Access or Oracle, writing SQL queries, structuring big data and more.

* Web Design
We offer a complex course on web design, including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and JS libraries for creating complete designs for webpages.